Making MOLPoints More Useful: A Few Cool New Features

Today, we’ve released 5 new features in the MOLPoints to make the application much simpler and easier to use. Since the launch of the application in July this year, we’ve received feedback from our users and those feedback resulted in today’s upgrades.

Here’s what’s new in MOLPoints:

1. Auto sign-in: Easier, less hassles

Now, if you add the MOLPoints app for the first time, you no longer need to go to the sign-up/sign-in page.

Once you ‘Allow’ permission to MOLPoints application, it will automatically check your email address (the one you’re using for your Facebook account).

  1. If you already registered a MOL account using that email, MOLPoints will bring you directly to the application and you can start using seeing your all your Wallets.
  2. If it cannot locate your email, it will automatically create a MOL account for you. For security reason, you will have to ‘Agree’ to the Terms of Service before 

2. Payment Channel: Much better Reload MOLPoints experience

Instead of a pop-up window, the application now displays payment channels options on the Reload MOLPoints page. We think this offers a much better way for you to select your preferred payment channel.

However, if you select an online banking channel, there will still be a pop-up. Please make sure you disable your browser pop-up blocker when using the online banking channels.

3. Transaction History: Simpler Transaction History search

We implemented a minor tweak here in the My Account page. The application no longer display “Your Last 3 Transactions”. However, you still can look it up using the Search bar and you can search up to 3 months of your past transactions.

4. Flexible top-up: More flexibility for you

As you may know, this flexible top-up feature is already available on website. Today, we are extending it to MOLPoints application on Facebook.

In addition to the ‘standard’ 50, 100, 200 Credits, you can now choose any amount of Credits you want to buy. Just enter your currency value (e.g. MYR, SGD, etc.) and you can see immediately how many Credits you can buy with that amount. Go try it. :)

5. Wall Notification: Making MOLPoints social

We are making it easier for you to publish your activities on MOLPoints and share them with your friends on Facebook. Whenever you buy game credits, the application will generate a notification (with a description of the online game) for you to post on your Wall. This possibly offers you an interesting way to tell your friends what games you are playing right now and invite them to join you. The same applies when you purchase Facebook Credits using MOLPoints application.

That’s it!

We hope you will find these new features useful. Please continue to let us know how we can make the application better and easier to use. Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook for updates,